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Club Nintendo Member Penalized For Being Too Loyal A Customer

By Kevin on Dec 11 2012 01:47 AM
Let's admit it, Club Nintendo has its benefits. I've argued before that the Coin to hard-earned money spent ratio isn't exactly anything to get excited about, and I'll adamantly stick behind that statement. I mean, you do get something in return for the money you spend on Nintendo products, right? Albeit, the different Club Nintendo regions such as North America, Japan and Europe have a very wide contrast in what's offered to their customers in terms of prizes.

Perhaps the most shocking info I've come across to date, is that you, the customer, get penalized for registering too many of Nintendo's hardware systems; eight systems to be exact. NeoGAF member "thewesker" posted this moments ago and I almost couldn't believe it when I saw it. Upon registering his 9th piece of Nintendo hardware, his Wii U Premium Deluxe System, he was greeted with the following message from Club Nintendo.

"Thank you for registering your system. Although your system has been registered, only the first 8 systems are eligible for a survey and Coins."

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According to the FAQ section for Club Nintendo, no mention of a system registration limit is found anywhere in the text. What's worse, is that "Systems released prior to the Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DSi XL, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo DS Lite do not qualify for Coins or warranty extensions." So, basically, if any of the aforementioned systems are registered, they're only eating up one of the eight slots for your earning of Club Nintendo Coins.

In a later reply to his own topic, the member states...

"I think I registered them on whatever registration system they had before Club Nintendo and then they just carried over. They all have the same registration date of January 3rd, 2006."

Some members report that they have more than eight systems registered and everything is working as it should on their Club Nintendo account. What's odd, though, is that all of thewesker's systems have the same registration date. This could be the result of having an account issue that he needs to clear up with Nintendo. In any case, the limit should not be there.

I sincerely hope that this is just a simple mistake on the member's Club Nintendo account, and that Nintendo can fix the issue as soon as possible. Has anyone else experienced this while registering any Nintendo systems before? Could this possibly be something new that Nintendo is implementing, in an attempt to control the amount of Coins earned per account?

Source: NeoGAF

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Oh wow. Well I hope this is just a mistake. That would really be a shame if your 9th system is a Wii U and you would lose the benefits of Club Nintendo.
I actually got the same message when I registered my 3DS XL just now. I found it really ridiculous and emailed them right after. I had also planned on purchasing a Wii U, so I guess I'll run into the same problem with that system if this is not resolved.
Not fair.....
I had this happen before but with factory sealed DS games. The system didn't grant me coins with games that are clearly eligible. All it takes is a formal complaint and they fixed it straight away by giving me complimentary coins.

There is another case I had where I bought a DS game that was eligible at one time but not anymore. I had a few e-mail exchanges and basically they told me if the game doesn't have enduring popularity and was released before Club Nintendo existed (Super Mario 64 DS for example), they don't grant coins. I argued that one other game had even less sales than the one I purchased that was eligible for coins and they had no comment. Unresolved at this point. Anyone want to see the exchange of e-mails?

View Postwildgoosespeeder, on 11 December 2012 - 01:51 PM, said:

Anyone want to see the exchange of e-mails?

Sure, I'd love to see that.
Wow that really sucks. I hope it's just some glitch.
hmm I thought since they all had the same date on them that it would be suspicious... like Nintendo Is totally against hacking and action replays 'n stuff cus cheating is wack... but I hope that's just it.. cus they should reward ppl for being so loyal..