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Club Nintendo Offering Super Mario Accessory Box

By Kevin on May 28 2013 04:15 PM
What's neat, green, and doesn't feature Luigi?

Nintendo of America have just announced a brand-new Club Nintendo item via their official Twitter: the Super Mario Accessory Box. Why couldn't it have been the "Super Luigi Accessory Box," Nintendo? The cost for the Super Mario Accessory Box is 700 Club Nintendo Coins. Club Nintendo Japan recently received this item, so chances are, Club Nintendo Europe will have it added to their inventory in the near future.

Organize your games and accessories in style with a little help from Marioâ„¢ and friends. This sturdy canvas box features a fun Super Mario Bros.â„¢ themed print in bright green and tan. Hurry—there’s a limited quantity available.
  • 11 (W) x 7 (D) x 5.5 (H)
Note: The purchase is subject to the Terms and Conditions.

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Source: Super Mario Accessory Box | Club Nintendo

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Just the other day, I was looking at the offerings that NoA Club Nintendo had with disappointment. The catalog has shrunken considerably since last year. I'm glad they've added this new item and I hope they have more in store for us.

Especially Animal Crossing: New Leaf themed goods. And perhaps something related to Professor Layton as well.

This accessory box item is cute, but it's not really my thing. If they had this pattern on a T-shirt, that would be awesome!
Oh, this thing actually looks really good :) Definitely worth considering, if we have sufficient starpoints that is..

View PostKevin, on 28 May 2013 - 04:27 PM, said:

Why couldn't it have been the "Super Luigi Accessory Box," Nintendo?

I agree. Totally weird that Luigi isn't on this. You dropped the ball on that one, Nintendo. You dropped the ball.
That's cute. It's about time they added something new.

I think I'll save my coins for now though. I would be mad if they added something I like better and I didn't have enough coins because I spent 700 on this!

You never know what Nintendo will do!
This is a nice looking bag but not something I would want to use 700 coins on. I mean it is green and not even Luigi themed. How odd.
I've just joined in on Nintendo Club recently (luckily had saved all the registration slips from my games!), and while I can think of some great prizes I'd like to see on the Rewards page (vg soundtracks), they seem to offer some pretty good stuff from time to time.  Particularly, nintendo's been releasing a lot of good VC downloads lately that it's surprised me.  Mario 64, Paper Mario, and Super Mario RPG, all in a row!  I'm not sure they can follow up on such a killer line up.

This green bag does look really cool, though.  All sold out within a day or two, so methinks it was popular :P
Too expensive. 700 coins is pretty steep.
I just got mine in the mail today and I noticed that the handles are shorter then in the picture above.