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Club Nintendo Offers Super Mario Bros. 3, F-Zero X, and Metroid II

By Kevin on Jun 04 2013 09:10 AM
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Classic Mario, Captain Falcon, and Samus make their appearance as Club Nintendo awards.

From now until Sunday, June 30th, you can trade in those hard-earned Club Nintendo Coins to redeem download tickets for three classic Nintendo titles. Will you be redeeming any of these classic titles?

Thanks to fellow Nintendo Nerd Pikamari for sending the news tip!

Source: Club Nintendo

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I would totally get super Mario bros 3! I love that nintendo is releasing all of these awesome throw back games! Ah so many memories !
Out of these I may get Metroid II for 3DS. I am not certain yet.
:( the one game i'm interested in and it's on the Wii, not the 3DS, I'd love to have Super Mario Bros 3 on my 3DS, i still have a copy on my NES :) Please release it on 3DS Virtual Console, Nintendo
Smb3 would be my choice, but i already have it on VC
F-Zero X for me
Should I get SMB 3 and then upgrade for $1 when it's released on Wii U VC, or just pay $5 when it comes out on Wii U VC?