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Digital E-reader Service On Wii U And 3DS

By aquizero on May 22 2012 03:40 AM
Back in January, there was a rumor floating around the Internet about the Wii U's potential to be used as an e-reader. This would be an application on the Wii U (not sure if this would be pre-installed or not) that would allow users access to strategy guides, instruction books and the Nintendo Power magazine library, to name a few.

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Do you remember the first ever Nintendo Power?

That isn't all that's being speculated, either, but it's more than enough to create a genuine interest. Just the possibility of having access to all Nintendo Power issue's is reason enough for Nintendo to roll out this service. Any real Nintendo fan would jump all over this, just as if stomping atop a Goomba. This would give fans the unbelievable opportunity to relive the glory days of gaming. Of course, this wouldn't be quite good enough if there wasn't a search index to go along for the ride. That's "said" to be coming as well. I really don't see a downside to this, besides pricing, which is to be determined once we get some validity on the service.

Enough about Nintendo Power. Let's talk about having the ability to directly access instruction booklets and/ or strategy guides at your fingertips! That is very exciting! If you are like myself, you rip open a game with so much excitement, that the last thing on your mind is to read the instruction booklet. Even when push comes to shove, and you get stuck or confused, when does someone actually reference the included booklet? Now, imagine not having to go look for it. Imagine it being accessible within a few simple clicks or stylus taps. Awesome, right? Well, those with a 3DS should be familiar with this because this option is already available for both downloaded eShop games and retail copies. Just highlight your game or application and you should see two options on the bottom of the menu screen; Manual and Open. So, whether or not the other fun stuff comes to fruition, this feature seems like a definite.

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Strategy guides can be a hit or miss. Obviously, there is a market for guides or they wouldn't be available from the game publishers. I personally enjoy strategy guides for my second play through, and to help me achieve a 100% game completion. I also like the promotional art that is contained within the guides. That's some of the best, in my opinion. Based on pure convenience, this is a good thing. Again, the main concern is pricing, especially when retailers like to bundle games and strategy guides together for a discounted rate. The upside to paying full price for a digital copy would be, of course, that it would never wear, tear or fade. The more options, the better I guess.

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Oh! Did I forget to mention something? Ah, that's right. The article title says "Wii U and 3DS." Well, that's because rumors say that this service will be headed to both systems, and should work similar to how the iPhone and iPad operate. Once you purchase for one system, it is available on both! True device to device communication is needed for the Wii U and 3DS to be extremely successful. I see this being a great way to make that happen. E3 is closer than ever, so in a short time we will know if this service is real or not.

How do you feel about this possible service? Are you excited, unimpressed or indifferent?

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Benjamin is a true gaymer. For nearly a decade, his interest in Nintendo has grown exponentially! He's not extremely skilled at any particular genre of games, but mostly enjoys RPG, strategy, and fighting games. His true obsession within the Nintendo universe is Pokémon, followed closely by Zelda. Ever since he watched the first episode of Pokémon, he's been hooked. To this day, he plays the main-series Pokémon games and watches the anime religiously. He's as close as it comes to being a Pokémon Master. His true passion for Nintendo makes him excited to write new topics for you!

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Comments: 5

I wouldn't say that I'm excited, but I would like to see this given to the consumers as an option. I still think most people would rather browse online for certain things, rather than from a smaller device (Wii U GamePad) or a console Browser that isn't really worth a crap in comparison to the ones found on a PC.

Browsing from the 3DS for example, is just horrific. I've used it a few times, but only because I've had to. I suppose viewing digital content from a big screen TV, using the Wii U might prove to be a more enjoyable experience. I still think there's a certain comfort that we have while browsing from a PC though.
After seeing E3 and a more closer look at the Wii U Gamepad I want this feature even more. I want to be able to use the Gamepad non-stop. Internet browsing, virtual console playing and reading nintendo powers, all while someone else uses the TV. I really hope a new Nintendo Direct reveals this.
Don't get too excited about the GamePad yet. We still don't know what the wireless specifications are. Like, I'd love to know how far I can take this thing across the other end of the room and still be able to use it. That, to me, is one of the things I'm most interested in finding out.
Yes that is a pertinent piece of information but if you looked at the trailers with that "god-awful" man playing animal crossing in nintendoland. that is basically the amount of space between my tv and sofa's so I am not too concerned.
I still have this issue.

I would love for an eReader to come to the 3DS.