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First Person Goomba

By Kevin on Dec 08 2012 07:59 PM
We've all been committing crimes in video games, in one fashion or another. Our most notable shenanigans include the merciless slaughtering off Goombas; the mushroomy-esque henchmen who waltz around aimlessly in an effort to fend of Mario and gang. None of us ever hit the pause button to think about how savage and ruthless these activities are, and how they affect the daily lives of Goombas and their families. Is brutality, lethal force and a few hundred points the price you want to pay for rescuing some blonde-haired (maybe it's yellow) bimbo, who's clearly more happy to be with an alpha sugar daddy dragon?

Well, Goombas have lives, and only one of them, unlike Mario. Please take a minute, watch this video, and realize that the mass-extermination of Goombas is really not the way to go. This is a sad, sad tale of the short life a Goomba lives, from their point of view.

Thanks to Filipe Costa for the awesome video!

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Wow that was so cute and sad at the same time.
Man I nearly shed a tear at that.
next chalenc play mario game whitode kling enemys
That was really cool.  I loved everything about this video.
All the feels! Thanks to that video, I have to think twice about stepping on any goombas...