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Four New Game Offers From Club Nintendo

By Kevin on Jan 07 2013 05:21 PM
Club Nintendo of America have added four new digital titles to the Featured Game Offers section on their official website. Each of the four titles are available starting now, until February 10th. Here are the new titles that are being offered, in exchange for your hard-earned Club Nintendo Coins.

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  • Tetris (Game Boy) - 3DS Virtual Console - 150 Coins
  • Snowpack Park -WiiWare - 150 Coins
  • Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream (NES) - 3DS Virtual Console - 200 Coins
  • Mario Kart 64 (N64) - Wii Virtual Console - 200 Coins
For more information on these new Club Nintendo game offers, please visit:
Rewards Catalog | Club Nintendo

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I was saving up my coins and then these came out. Ugh. Well now all my coins are spent and I picked up Tetris and Punch Out!! for the simple nostalgia purpose. :) I played Tetris last night and it took a bit of getting used to since it did not have some features we current Tetris players have become used to. This added to the difficulty level.