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Game Freak Director Sends Important Pokémon Message

By Kevin on Jan 08 2013 02:03 AM
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All Aboooooard! Game Freak Director and Legendary Pokémon...producer, Junichi Masuda, is the newly promoted conductor aboard Pokémon Hype Train Express, or PHTE! If you haven't already boarded, don't worry. There's still a bit of time to join the party. You better hurry, though, the PHTE will arrive at its destination in (looks at watch) approximately three hours. Where's it going, you ask? Well, just ask Mr. Masuda-san himself!

Junichi Masuda said:

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At last! The time has come.

On Tuesday, 8th of January. At 8.00pm of Japan time, we will announce some Pokémon news to everyone!! I would like everyone to check it out! I would like everyone to share this moment with your family, love ones, friends and colleagues!! Of course, everyone who love Pokémon, but those who don’t know Pokémon yet are also welcome to join us! I want everybody to check this info, therefore please spread and share this information at office, school, club activities, any circle!! I would like everyone to share and spread this news widely!

In Japan You can check official Pokémon website at 8:00PM on January the 8th. For the exact time of the announcement in your time zone, please check the official Nintendo website. You can find the links below. I am also looking forward to it! Ciao!
  • Japan 8th(Tue) 8:00PM
  • USA Eastern Time 8th (Tue) 6:00AM
  • USA Pacific Time 8th (Tue) 3:00AM
  • United Kingdom 8th(Tue)11:00AM
  • France, Italy, Germany, Spain 8th (Tue) 12:00PM
Pokémon Official Site:

Nintendo Homepage:

Would you say that Mr. Junichi-san is fairly adamant about making sure the news gets out to everyone?

Source: HIDDEN POWER of Masuda (Official Blog), via GoNintendo

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I love how they pushed everyone to get on board with this Nintendo Direct Pokemon event. That is awesome. You know, the global release will make game battling and trading equal for the first time EVER! So momentous of an occasion!
It definitely feels like the future. I think The Pokémon Company has a system now that will allow most of the world to play games on the same day they are first released.

With translation software and the convenience of digital communication, I predict this is the beginning of what will be known as the "worldwide release date model."
Beyond that, it's just a matter of seeing if Nintendo will follow suit with its other first-party titles.