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Happy Birthday, Iwata-san!

By Kevin on Dec 06 2012 05:11 AM
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The image above might look familiar to many of you. If you've watched any of the Nintendo Direct presentations yesterday, you would know that the LEGO Bob-omb, to Satoru Iwata's left, could have sent LEGO shards flying in all directions, as it waltzed across the screen. That just wouldn't have been a very good day for Mr. Iwata-san.

Thanks to a false Bob-omb explosion, Iwata-san celebrates his 53rd Birthday today. Satoru Iwata, Global President of Nintendo, was born in Sapporo, Japan on December 6th, 1959. He is the fourth President of Nintendo, succeeding Hiroshi Yamauchi in 2002. Here's to giving all of us some wonderful years, Mr. Iwata-san. May you reign for many more years to come. From everyone here at Nintendo Nerds, we hope you've had a great day!

By the way, what was that carrot all about?

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Yeah I am not sure what is the deal with the carrot. Lol. Well in one of the other Nintendo Directs he stared at a banana. So maybe the fruit or vegetable changes from time to time?
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday :)