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How I Acquired Pokémon Grey In 49 Minutes

By Kevin on Jan 03 2012 07:56 AM
This is a little story about how I acquired pokemongrey.com in under one hour. The first thing I would like to point out is how the second word in the domain name is spelled. After performing research on Google for about 20 minutes, it became clearly apparent that there are two correct ways of spelling the color "grey" (or "gray"). Personally, I spell it with an "e" only because that's the way I was taught how to spell it. I understand that either way is correct.

On November 19th of 2008, a person by the name of Sandra Fordham, of Kerrville, TX purchased the domain name "pokemongray.com." Back in November of 2008, Pokémon fans around the world didn't ever realize that Pokémon Black Version or Pokémon White Version would be developed. Or did they? On September 18th, 2010, the Pokémon Black and Pokémon White versions were officially released in Japan. Was there evidence that these two versions were in the making close to two years before being officially released? Honestly, I do not know the answer to that, but it was either: A: a good, intellectual hunch by Sandra or B: irrefutable, legitimate insight. Either way, I believe it was a respectful and wise decision to purchase that domain name. The technical data relating to this domain name, as listed in whois.net, reveals that Melbourne IT is the responsible party. Now, Melbourne IT is also the responsible technical party for the domain name "pokemonblackwhite.com," as listed on whois.net. And, "pokemonblackwhite.com" is indeed the official website for the Pokémon Black and Pokémon White versions.

Now, you might be asking yourself, "What does all of this information have anything to do with you acquiring the pokemongrey.com domain?" That's actually a good question; and one that I've asked myself many, many times before making the decision to own it. The truth is, there's just something mystical that draws me to Pokémon. I'm not into the Manga aspect of Pokémon, though. I'm a fan of the video game series. So to answer that question the best I know how, I guess it's all about a passion, and possibly a good opportunity to own a domain name that will someday be notable. Who knows, I may even start a fan site for it. At this point, I simply consider the pokemongrey.com domain a good candidate for a future project; nothing else, nothing more. It may turn out that nothing comes of that domain name and I'll be totally content with that.

A few days ago, I was curious about who, if anyone, already registered pokemongrey.com. It turns out that is was, in fact, registered to someone living in Texas. I think it's pure coincidence that this person and Sandra both listed their organizational address as being in Texas. Although I can't prove that, knowing whether it's coincidence or not doesn't weigh too heavily on my mind to want to perform any research. Once finding out that the "grey" domain was registered, I made a visit to the website. As I expected, I was presented a parked page when visiting the address. This basically means that the domain owner has not hosted any type of content for the domain name. It doesn't necessarily mean that the owner has, or hasn't, but that there isn't any current content being hosted or presented for the domain name. Seeing this, I became more interested in whether the owner had any plans to keep the domain name.

Living in Japan, I had three options at my disposal for contacting the domain owner. I could send an email, call the publicly listed telephone number for the domain contact, or send a text message in hopes of it being a mobile telephone number. The first thing I did was send an email to the publicly listed address listed on whois.net. Once I did that, I immediately received a failed delivery notice. I thought to myself, "Gah! I hate when that happens." The next option I used was sending a simple text to the phone number, inquiring about the domain name. Below is the complete, unedited and transposed text conversation that I had with the current domain owner. The person's real name and the pricing details were left out. Not that it matters, or you couldn't find out who the previous owner for the pokemongrey.com domain was, but I simply omitted the information. I'm going to refer to the person as "John."

Kevin 12-28-2011 @ 11:30PM
Hello. Is this John?

John 12-28-2011 @ 11:32PM
Hey, yes. It is.

Kevin 12-28-2011 @ 11:34PM
My apologies for the obtuse introduction. Would you still happen to be the owner of pokemongrey.com?

John 12-28-2011 @ 11:37PM
Yes, I am. I would be willing to sell it.

Kevin 12-28-2011 @ 11:37PM
What would your asking price be?

John 12-28-2011 @ 11:38PM
You don't happen to work for Nintendo by any chance, do you?

Kevin 12-28-2011 @ 11:39PM

Kevin 12-28-2011 @ 11:40PM
$----- (pricing details omitted)

John 12-28-2011 @ 11:41PM
$----- (pricing details omitted) and we have a deal.

Kevin 12-28-2011 @ 11:42PM
I can go as high as $----- (pricing details omitted), sir.

John 12-28-2011 @ 11:42PM
Okay, deal.

Kevin 12-28-2011 @ 11:44PM
OK. Great! I see you registered the domain with Godaddy. I have an account with them.
Would you be willing to give them a call and transfer the domain to my account?

John 12-28-2011 @ 11:46PM
They have an auction system. What I could do is just list it at a $----- (pricing details omitted) buyout and you could grab it.

Kevin 12-28-2011 @ 11:46PM
Could you send me that link?

John 12-28-2011 @ 11:46PM

Kevin 12-28-2011 @ 11:47PM
OK, so would you like to get this started?

John 12-28-2011 @ 11:47PM
Yep. I'll put up the auction right now and send you a link.

Kevin 12-28-2011 @ 11:48PM

John 12-28-2011 @ 11:56PM
Okay, if you go to godaddy.com, there's a green auctions tab on the upper right, click "a-z auction listing" and you can do a search. Type in
pokemongrey.com and it should be there soon. It takes a little bit for it to process so it's not there yet, but I will let you know when it is.

Kevin 12-28-2011 @ 11:57PM

John 12-28-2011 @ 11:57PM
And actually, it looks like it just came up.

Kevin 12-29-2011 @ 12:01AM
Great! I think we're all set now.

John 12-29-2011 @ 12:01AM
Nice, thanks a lot.

Kevin 12-29-2011 @ 12:02AM
The pleasure is all mine, sir. I wonder how long it takes for the domain to become listed in my domain manager.

John 12-29-2011 @ 12:03AM
Not sure. Shouldn't take long though.

Kevin 12-29-2011 @ 12:04AM
Ah, I see. The authorization is pending.

Kevin 12-29-2011 @ 12:19AM
It was a pleasure doing business with you, John.

John 12-29-2011 @ 12:19AM
You too. Thanks a lot.

Well, that's my little story on how I became the proud owner of pokemongrey.com. If it turns out to be nothing at all, I'm good with it.

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Wow. That is so cool. Way to go Kevin-San. :)
That is awesome. You are very assertive. You considered your options, figured out a course of action and got right to it and to the point with the man. I admire that!