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K.K. Slider Performs Daft Punk's Get Lucky

By Kevin on May 29 2013 10:44 PM
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We've come too far, to give up who we are!

What do you get when K.K. Slider — Animal Crossing's most notable and prolific music artist — and Daft Punk's Get Lucky song collide? One of the greatest performances of all-time. Anywhere. In all of Nintendo land and around the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you Get Lucky featuring K.K. Slider:

Source: GoNintendo

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Comments: 6

Woah! The K.K. Slider harmonies were unexpected! XD

K.K. Slider doesn't need to perform covers to gain anything, y'know? He just does it because he loves music, man.

It's cute 'cause in the animated movie K.K. Slider speaks in a regular voice but his singing voice is what we've come to love. He's totally my favorite Animal Crossing character. I don't consider him a villager even, he's a main character, y'know? Without him, the credits don't roll!
Ohh woooooowwwww daft punk and K.K. Slider wow
This is awesome. I love it. I can't stop smiling while listening to it. :)
If your mixing daft punk with anything, there's a big chance I will approve.
I have to agree with quijas31 here,daft punk + anything = awesomeness! And animal crossing in the mix!? Waaay too cool!
*internally screaming*