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My Wife Bought Me Tepig

By Kevin on Nov 15 2011 04:55 PM
The other day, my wife and I were in the store browsing around. Like a moth to light, I was immediately drawn to a display of Pokémon plushies.  There were five or six different Pokémon, mostly from the 5th Gen Unova Dex but one in particular caught my attention. It was my fire-breathing starter pig from Pokémon Black. She asked if I wanted it and I nonchalantly shrugged and said "Na, that's OK. Thanks though." Moments later at the checkout, she hoisted Tepig up onto the counter and bought it. That was really awesome of her to do that. Tepig is now perched safely inside the dash of my car and keeps a watchful eye while I'm driving. This isn't any ordinary Tepig though. In fact, it doesn't even look like Tepig. It looks like my wife. I know I know. A real sob story right? For those who don't understand that story, I'm not calling my wife a pig! :D

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OMG I am so jealous! I have been trying to get all the Unova plush starters from my local Target or Kmart and all I have obtained so far has been Snivy. When I check online they are oober expensive. Lol.
Hm never really thought about collecting plushies of pokemon. Maybe I'll get snivy or tepig.
ah, it's really cute ~

I am not really a person who collects plushies or toys at all. But.. I want plush Munna :lol: