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New Club Nintendo (NA) Item - 3DS Game Card Case

By neoprime33 on Feb 01 2012 08:24 PM
Today, Nintendo of America introduced new items in the Club Nintendo catalog, including this item: a 3DS Game Card Case.

Click HERE to go to the Rewards page and check it out. Get it while you can, because, I am sure of two things: (1) this will sell out fast; and (2) they will surely raise the coins on this one later.

Posted Image

Here's a description of the item as well:
Carry your Nintendo DSâ„¢ and Nintendo 3DSâ„¢ games in style with this sleek card case, shaped like a game box. Four double-sided covers are included, showing off eight Nintendo scenes featuring the likes of Marioâ„¢, Linkâ„¢, and more. Up to 18 Game Cards can be stored inside.

The other items: two notebooks and two downloads for February (Art Academy for the 3DS and Mario Party 2 for the Wii).

Why are you still here? Go spend your coins!

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wow that looks like a pretty cool gift. Too bad I haven't been keeping up on my nintendo club account all that well I don't have alot of coins and I never tryed to use or get anything from there.
Here's what the two notebooks look like:

Boo Notebook
Posted Image

Donkey Kong Notebook
Posted Image

I have this strange feeling that if I spend my coins, I'll regret it later.

I like the messenger bag.

Posted Image

Ended up getting the card case.

Posted Image
I just got the Game Card Case today! Talk about quick! It is very nice and feels sturdy. The only thing I can see "going" first on it is the plastic sleeve for the front cover inserts. Totally rocks though!
Mine just shipped today. :)
I finally received mine today. Check out the images below.


Club Nintendo is also showing that the cases are out of stock. :( to anyone that is a slow adopter.