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Nintendo Direct @E3 Live Streams Now Available

By Kevin on Jun 06 2013 10:08 AM
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Get your party hats on!

If it's any indication, Nintendo's 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) Nintendo Direct is now inside the 5-day marker before it kicks off in full force. Just moments ago, Nintendo of America, and Nintendo of Europe, and Nintendo Company Limited (NCL) of Japan have made their Nintendo Direct Live Streams available for the scheduled presentation on June 11th.

These Live Stream themes are unlike anything we've seen to date. Unlike the typical red and white-themed Nintendo Directs, Nintendo have decided to use silver-lined text with a solid black background. Is Nintendo hinting at something here with this new style, or do you think they're just changing up the pace a bit?

Here's the upcoming schedule for Nintendo Direct @E3:
  • Nintendo of America - 7AM PT/ 10AM ET, June 11th (Live Stream)
  • Nintendo of Europe - 3PM UK time, June 11th (Live Stream)
  • Nintendo Co. Ltd. - 11PM JST, June 11th (Live Stream)
What game(s) are you most interested in hearing about at this year's E3 event?

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I like that they changed up the look of the Nintendo Direct for this occasion. I hope they have a few curve balls to throw our way.

I am interesting in: Zelda: Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, Mario Kart, Smash Bros and 3D Mario. I would also like to hear more info on Wii Fit U. Anything more than this would be great.
I wanna hear everything!!! Hahaha! But I'm most interested in the new pikmin game (I saw some images and the berries look so juicy and delish! Those high definition graphics can make you hungry!), Mario kart (lets burn some high definition rubber!), and super smash bros.!
I don't know if the color change signifies anything, but last year they gave us a Swapnote stationery with the E3 theme, so I expect one this year as well! XD

Did I ever mention on this site that I love Nintendo? Because I do. I love Nintendo.

I'm more interested in 3DS news and games (as I still don't have a Wii U). Year of Luigi continues, but I hope for an announcement about a Kirby title. I'd love to know what Sakurai is working on next!

I'd love for a turn-based strategy game to be announced.(Advance Wars 3D? I've never played an AW game before.) Fire Emblem: Awakening was popular enough that there ought to be more games from that genre I love.

Zen Studios has a game called Castle Storm that I read was supposed to be released on multiple platforms (3DS was mentioned) but I'm not sure what's happening with that. It looks like an awesome game. It's sort of tower defense meets real-time strategy. I expect we'll hear some 3rd-party titles are coming our way.

Miiverse for the 3DS needs to be talked about. As does the new spiritual successor to Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. More Pikmin and anything Mario Kart will be awesome.

Let me end with a plea for a Pikmin 3DS title? I know it's a small screen, but from what I've seen with Nintendo Land, Pikmin could work in a different way. The Pikmin puzzle looks SO GOOD, I just want to see a little 3D world with Pikmin in it. And I've never played Pikmin, that's how good Pikmin 3 and the Mii Plaza puzzle look!

(Also, I'm excited for E3.)