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Nintendo Direct Tonight At 9pm PST

By Kevin on Jun 21 2012 06:40 AM
Did you leave this year's E3 feeling like Nintendo neglected you from some very important information? Well, we did. Their shotgun blast of information was pretty spread out all over the place, often missing the target when it came to providing the information we really needed to hear. Well, today, there will be an all-new Nintendo Direct airing LIVE. Information covered will be related to the Wii and Nintendo 3DS. Let's hope that Iwata brings light to some of the gaming information we're looking for such as Dragon Quest X and the elusive 3D Animal Crossing title.

Post-Show Note: View 43 screenshots from the North American Nintendo Direct.
Post-Show Note: View 74 screenshots from the Japanese Nintendo Direct.

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Here is the schedule for when this installment of Nintendo Direct will go LIVE:
EDIT: Here's the video as well:

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Oh wow. Nice post! I am excited but this means another late night! Lol.
Dang, I'll be looking at my eyelids at 11PM :bedtime:
Awsome cant wait :megaman:
It's running at 5am here. I won't be gettin' up early for it. <yawn>
I really don't see this as being a "must watch" episode. Another thing that might be talked about as well is the new Kirby 20th Anniversary Collection for the Wii. I don't think Iwata will talk much (if any) about the Wii U.
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I can not believe that the North American Nintendo Direct was so different and did not showcase Animal Crossing at all. That is odd. The big news of course was 3DS LL aka 3DS XL.
What was the difference in the NA version? I'm just reading news clips from all over. To me this has been way more interesting than E3 was.
I watched it this morning, the North American version that is. It made me want a 3DS XL, ROFL Like I need one. Now my son will haunt me from now till Christmas to get HIM one :rolleyes:
Yea i was looking forward to animal crossing as well.. and the XL? Well nintendo can just have all my money lol >_<