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Nintendo Power Reaches Final Flag Pole

By Kevin on Nov 30 2012 02:17 PM
The last and final issue of Nintendo Power has been circulated. The cover of the December issue (#285) may appear all too familiar to many of the long-time subscribers of 25 years. Mario is featured in his iconic pouncing pose along with a few similarities. The most notable difference is the addition of the flagpole, signifying the end of an awesome quarter-century of Nintendo Power goodness. Mario also appears to have had a glamorous makeover, sporting a different colored hat, some hair dye treatment and a new set of kicks.

It's definitely a sad day for many fans, but we all knew Nintendo Power's final issue was imminent. Here's to 25 years of Nintendo Power success, everyone! It's been a really fun and exciting adventure.

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How many differences can you spot?

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I do not remember if I ever owned one of these magazines. I do think it is sad that this is going away though.
Aw yea it sad that its over i think ive had a few and liked them.. (apparently not enough to remember.. that or im getting alzheimer's... who are you?.. what year is it agian?.. whats this poke-ee-mons game?)
It's sad that NP is going away, but I'm surprised it lasted this long with advances in the net
I'd like to think that Nintendo Power isn't just fizzling out all of a sudden. It may have met its demise in paper form, but what about digital form? I'd like to see something like that.
Ahh good ole super mario bros 2.... my all time favorite mario game. I wish they would they would revamp that story line and re-release it.