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Official Pokémon Magazine Coming To Europe

By Kevin on Feb 26 2013 08:58 AM
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The Pokémon Company International have recently announced a new and exciting publication: Official Pokémon Magazine. Future Publishing — the company that publishes gaming magazines such as GamesRadar, CVG, Edge Online and previously Nintendo Power — will bring the newest installments of Official Pokémon Magazine to life starting on March 20th in the United Kingdom.

Official Pokémon Magazine is intended to be a one-stop shop for Pokémon-related information providing coverage for the TV series, anime, filmography, and even the Trading Card Game (TCG). Each issue costs £3.99. Subscribers can opt for yearly subscriptions to save a few bucks.

Every issue also has surprise Pokémon gifts. The first three issues can be purchased for a total of just £5. If you reside outside of the UK, it's OK! Copies of Official Pokémon Magazine can be delivered to other parts of Europe as well as the United States of America.

According to the magazine's official website, you can expect to see the debut issue boast the following goodies:
"The amazing launch issue brings the first details of brand new Nintendo 3DS videogame Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. It also boasts a pullout Pokémon X and Pokémon Y poster, a separate, double-sided Pokémon poster, a set of four Pokémon Pin Badges and an awesome page of Pokémon vinyl stickers. It's a Pokémon extravaganza!"

Source: My Favourite Magazines via GamesRadar

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Wow that is pretty sweet. :)
I have a Pkmn Magazine from the 2009 Platinum Card Collection box, really impressed at the contents, lol, I hope to get this at some point XD
sdlgk[aoierjslm im gonna talk my friend into getting it mawhahahhahah