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PowerUp Rewards Program Skyward Sword Wallet

By Kevin on Nov 27 2012 02:11 AM
One of our Nintendo Nerds community moderators, DarthArk, just gave us a good look at his new wallet. No, we didn't ask to see any of his nerd certification IDs or anything like that. It turns out that his new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword wallet is one of the many rewards offered by GameStop's PowerUp Rewards program. If you're not a member of this rewards program, it could definitely benefit you; especially if you make purchases or game trades from GameStop.

Who wouldn't be proud to store their rupees in something like this? (click image for full view)
Posted Image
(image credit: DarthArk)

For more information on GameStop's PowerUp Rewards Program, please visit:
PowerUp Rewards - Benefits - GameStop

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Comments: 4

That is amazing. How many points was it?
9,420 points
OMG, I want this now! I will check this out right away!!! SO cool!
I'd love to see the inside of that. It looks so neat, but I'm about 2000 points shy. Not only that, but I currently have a black and white wallet and the white gets so dirty! But yeah, if I had another 2000 points I'd probably get that.

Just saw that it's sold out so even if I had the points I couldn't get it.