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Should Nintendo Partner With Square-Enix?

By aquizero on Jul 03 2013 08:36 AM
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Square-Enix is releasing three main series Final Fantasy titles within the span of about two years: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and Final Fantasy XV. If you want to add insult to injury, you may also include the HD remastered editions of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, which will be released sometime this year. None of these titles are making their way to Nintendo's Wii U. This is a huge missed opportunity as the Final Fantasy series has a large fan base.

Will Nintendo’s home console ever be given a main series Final Fantasy title? I personally do not see this happening any time in the foreseeable future. Instead, Nintendo should work closely with Square-Enix and revive the spin-off series Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, which was originally released for the GameCube in 2004 and was received pretty well. This particular title focused on local multiplayer cooperative play using connectivity with the Game Boy Advance. Though the series has received some later releases on the Nintendo DS, WiiWare, and Wii, none of them featured enhanced gameplay mechanics or were received as positively as the original.

My idea and sincere hope is that Nintendo and Square-Enix partner up to bring us the ultimate Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles experience to the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. We know that inter-connectivity between consoles is possible based on the release of Capcom’s Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate. Why not with the series that started the trend? For this to work, Nintendo would have to have their hands in the title as well. I say this because the Wii U install base is not as high as many third-party developers would like, so it is doubtful this would come to fruition without Nintendo helping to fund the project. Also, Nintendo excels at bringing us fun, engaging, and unique local multiplayer experiences which would only benefit a title like this.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles has never left a Nintendo platform before and there is no reason for the series to leave now. The Wii U is in need of more third-party exclusive titles and this might just be the golden ticket. Who knows, if this does well, other Final Fantasy titles may follow.

What do you think about this proposed partnership and exclusive title? Sound off below.

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Benjamin is a true gaymer. For nearly a decade, his interest in Nintendo has grown exponentially! He's not extremely skilled at any particular genre of games, but mostly enjoys RPG, strategy, and fighting games. His true obsession within the Nintendo universe is Pokémon, followed closely by Zelda. Ever since he watched the first episode of Pokémon, he's been hooked. To this day, he plays the main-series Pokémon games and watches the anime religiously. He's as close as it comes to being a Pokémon Master. His true passion for Nintendo makes him excited to write new topics for you!

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Comments: 12

Anything to get more games on Wii U.
Nice editorial. I enjoy articles like this much more then just news. What we are seeing with the FFCC games is the same that we see with the main franchieze. SE does not settle on a set mechanic. Every game is different. Though FFCCROF and EOT had more similarities then the other games in the series, they are not going to settle on one focus for the series.

Just because we have yet to see an FFCC game announced for the 3DS or the Wii U doesn't mean there isn't a feature for one either. Personally my fav so far has been RoF for the DS. With regard to cross system play, I didn't care for it at all with EoT and I think it was an underdeveloped idea that came across poorly. Now I'm not knocking the idea that they shouldn't try again, but when it comes to games like this they are much better co-op and not online anyways. Unless the game is an MMO or team match up game it's hard to find others to play with you. Not just that, but the games are not as popular as most.

I also don't think a collaboration is about to happen with Nintendo and SE. Nintendo has a set path and strong franchises. Personally over the years the FF series has lost all that it was in the past and is a dying cause. The first game was designed to bring a company back or be it's dying breath. It's about time SE just move on.
I only played a Crystal Chronicles game for about 20 minutes, but I remember it being pretty fun.

I don't know about all the new FF games coming to Wii U, but I would definitely be happy if Nintendo and Square-Enix partnered up again because it would increase the potential of a Super Mario RPG sequel :D
I remember the GameCube Crystal Chronicles. I thought it was ok, but I found it irritated me. I'm not a big fan of real time combat systems, and I didn't like how you had to layer the spell rings etc
Also to get the most out of it, you needed friends with GBAs and I didn't have many friends with GBAs.
I also felt Crystal Chronicles felt like a "kiddy" version, made for kids, dumbed down.
I also played the DS Crystal Chronicle games. The first one was ok, the second one I just grew to hate it (and gave up in disgust). And again, I just don't like the spell ring system, I could just never pull it off.
I got the Crystal Bearers game on Wii, but kinda lost interest in it (though it did look fantastic back then for a Wii game).
If they bring something to Wii U, I don't know, I'd probably not be likely to get it.
If they bring a "mainstream" Final Fantasy game, sure! (my secret desire is for them to bring FFX and FFX-2 over to Wii U hehe)

diaglyph, on 08 July 2013 - 06:55 AM, said:

If they bring something to Wii U, I don't know, I'd probably not be likely to get it. If they bring a "mainstream" Final Fantasy game, sure! (my secret desire is for them to bring FFX and FFX-2 over to Wii U hehe)

I understand you completely. I have not played too much in this spin off series. I would like to give it a chance though. I think that it has potential. The characters and environment are intriguing enough.

I also agree that the use of the GBA and Gamecube was not a realized idea. It was hard to achieve those benefits without local players with the handheld system. I think the Wii U could be a way to solve this. Yes, my article did mention the use of 3DS + Wii U but that does not mean it should be the only configuration. The Wii U has several controller schemes at its disposal so it would be easy enough to add use of the Wii-mote or Wii U Pro Controller for multi-player fun. What would be ideal, is that if the other players do decide to use the 3DS as a controller, there would be some "added" features at their disposal. :)

Lastly, I really hope that the mainstream Final Fantasy titles make their way to Wii U. One can only hope.
We had some much fun playing FFCC on the Gamecube. I just so happen to have had 2 GBA systems. This is the only FF my husband ever played (he hates FF and I'm such a big fan of it!). It was lots of fun. I'd love to see more of that series.

I need a FF game for my 3DS! When Squarenix! When!!!
I have never played a square-enix game but I think nintendo should buy square-enix.
The Final Fantasy series died on the PS3/360.  Final Fantasy XIII sucked...Square Enix was trying to duplicate the Final Fantasy VII formula for success like they did with Final Fantasy X and failed hard.  Final Fantasy XIV was a disaster until its relaunch and Final Fantasy XV was originally Final Fantasy XIII Versus.

A return to Nintendo for the Final Fantasy series would be good.  Isn't Dragon Quest/Warrior doing good on Nintendo systems these days?

The last good Final Fantasy game was probably X and that would explain why they are doing a HD remake for the PS3/Vita.
This would be awesome. Id really like to see more kingdom hearts games for the DS as well
You're not the only one who thinks this. I for one would be pumped to see more Square Enix games on Nintendo consoles.

This guy thinks so too...
"Yet there's one strategy that I believe Nintendo should pursue -- acquiring third-party publishers with its $9.46 billion in cash and short-term equivalents. Taking over two publishers -- Capcom and Square Enix -- makes the most sense for Nintendo." -Motley Fool
It's about time Nintendo expanded their variety/number of downloadable games.
I've almost bought out the whole Eshop! (jk)