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We Think Main Series Pokémon Info Will Surface On January 8th

By Kevin on Jan 04 2013 10:09 PM

Stop truckin' around, already!
By now, we've all been made very well aware of the upcoming "big" Pokémon announcement that will take place on January 8th, 2013. The initial news was revealed at the tail end of a Japanese television commercial (TVCM) for Pokémon Black 2 Version and Pokémon White 2 Version. Since then, the Internet has been, unsurprisingly, spiraling out of control with speculation and rumors. Earlier today, The Pokémon Company took that hype to a new level by making a global announcement specifically for January 8th.

We love Pokémon just as much as everyone else. We've been watching all of the speculation floating around like molecules in the air, and even wondered what may take place ourselves in four more days. Obviously, the news is very, very big; it's now global. As we previously mentioned, the January 8th announcement won't be related to a new mobile application or even a new 3DS eShop title for that matter; not on January 8th, anyway.

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We've consulted with some good ole fashioned facts and statistics, covered with a light coating of reliable inside Intel. Now, we're here to go on record and make our prediction for the January 8th Pokémon announcement. Based on the reading measured from the hype meter gage, along with everything we know, we're predicting that a main-series Pokémon announcement will surface four days from now. By main-series, we're telling you that we feel confident that one of the "colored" titles in the Pokémon series of video games will get the news. That may mean we'll see a remake from a previous title (or titles) in the series or an entirely new color altogether.

Our prediction is based around a very logical, simplistic look at the main-series franchise and the dates in which its titles were released. From 1996 through 2012, with the exception of 1997, there has been a main-series title released every year in at least one of the global regions. The other info we have collected, in addition to the below time line, only solidifies our prediction. Please note that the below regions are labeled as such: Japan (JP), North America (NA), Australia (AU), Europe (EU) and Korea (KO).

Posted Image
1996-1999 - Pokémon Red Version, Pokémon Green Version (Japan Only), Pokémon Blue Version
(JPFebruary 27, 1996, NASeptember 30, 1998, AUOctober 23, 1998, EUOctober 5, 1999)

Posted Image
1998-2000 - Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition
(JPSeptember 12, 1998, NAOctober 1, 1999, EUJuly 7, 2000)

Posted Image
1999-2002 - Pokémon Gold Version, Pokémon Silver Version
(JPNovember 21, 1999, NAOctober 14, 2000, EUApril 6, 2001, KOApril 23, 2002)

Posted Image
2000-2001 - Pokémon Crystal Version
(JPDecember 14, 2000, NAJuly 29, 2001, AUSeptember 30, 2001, EUNovember 2, 2001)

Posted Image
2002-2003 - Pokémon Ruby Version, Pokémon Sapphire Version
(JPNovember 21, 2002, NAMarch 18, 2003, AUApril 3, 2003, EUJuly 25, 2003)

Posted Image
2004 - Pokémon FireRed Version, Pokémon LeafGreen Version
(JPJanuary 29, 2004, NASeptember 7, 2004, AUSeptember 23, 2004, EUOctober 1, 2004)

Posted Image
2004-2005 - Pokémon Emerald Version
(JPSeptember 16, 2004, NAApril 30, 2005, AUJune 9, 2005, EUOctober 21, 2005)

Posted Image
2006-2008 - Pokémon Diamond Version, Pokémon Pearl Version
(JPSeptember 28, 2006, NAApril 22, 2007, AUJune 21, 2007, EUJuly 27, 2007, KOFebruary 14, 2008)

Posted Image
2008-2009 - Pokémon Platinum Version
(JPSeptember 13, 2008, NAMarch 22, 2009, AUMay 14, 2009, EUMay 22, 2009, KOJuly 2, 2009)

Posted Image
2009-2010 - Pokémon HeartGold Version, Pokémon SoulSilver Version
(JPSeptember 12, 2009, KOFebruary 4, 2010, NAMarch 14, 2010, AUMarch 25, 2010, EUMarch 26, 2010)

Posted Image
2010-2011 - Pokémon Black Version, Pokémon White Version
(JPSeptember 18, 2010, EUMarch 4, 2011, NAMarch 6, 2011, AUMarch 10, 2011, KOApril 21, 2011)

Posted Image
2012 - Pokémon Black 2 Version, Pokémon White 2 Version
(JPJune 23, 2012, NAOctober 7, 2012, AUOctober 11, 2012, EUOctober 12, 2012)

Now, based on the timeline alone, wouldn't you say that a main-series Pokémon announcement is imminent? It's 2013, so the time is due. Has a mobile application, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon title, or any other title that branches off from the main-series, ever received so much hype? Has a Wi-Fi event ever received this amount of attention?

We leave you with that, fans. I guess we'll just have to wait for confirmation on January 8th to find out for sure. We'll see you then!

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well you seem spot on. with this much attention it basically better be part of the main pokemon series. i do not even think my previous post about a possible pokemon tcg on both 3DS and Wii U would be enough to cause this much hype. i am very excited.
Pokemon stadium!!!! Bahah it just HAS to have the 3d pokemon in it! It just has to! And what other way to pick up 3ds sales by releasing some major pkmn stuff with it?

View PostSkitty843, on 05 January 2013 - 11:30 AM, said:

Pokemon stadium!!!! Bahah it just HAS to have the 3d pokemon in it! It just has to! And what other way to pick up 3ds sales by releasing some major pkmn stuff with it?

I mean I think sales of the 3DS are pretty good now but this will surely help them rise even higher!

View Postaquizero, on 05 January 2013 - 02:51 PM, said:

I mean I think sales of the 3DS are pretty good now but this will surely help them rise even higher!
I thought of that after I posted that but I feel the number can always grow! Nintendo shall have all the gamers I say ALL THE GAMERS!!!