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Zelda Never Sounded So Beautiful

By Kevin on Mar 28 2012 08:00 PM
In about two more hours, California will be resonating with beautifully orchestrated Zelda melodies. The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses will make its 2012 debut at the Davies Symphony Hall in San Fransisco at 8PM Pacific Standard Time (PST). Symphony conductor, Eimear Noone, takes us back in time (1992) with emotional orchestrated sounds from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It doesn't stop there though. She leads up to current (2011) with the Ballad of the Goddess, from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

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The tour began last year, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, and only played three shows; London, Tokyo, and Los Angeles, CA. This year, The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses will be touring a total of 14 locations in North America alone.

The Legend of Zelda series has given gamers an incredible gaming experience. The very first game in the 26 year-old series, The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), was the first game that gave players the opportunity to explore a vast, open world. Prior to The Legend of Zelda, the only method of gameplay was to follow a linear path, as with Super Mario Bros.. The Legend of Zelda has been credited with revolutionizing today's exploration-based video games.

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses on YouTube

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I get to see them May 12  :)
I really enjoyed this. I liked that Nintendo even had this up on the eShop in 3D. Well some of it. I have the CD that was given to those who purchased the limited edition of skyward sword. I do tend to listen to it from time to time.