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A New Year's Letter From Us, To You!

By Kevin on Jan 01 2013 08:10 AM
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Happy New Year, Everyone!

It's time to blast off and plunge into another year, my friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful year. I'd like to start by saying that 2012 was a great year for many things. We all had birthdays, played new video games, made new friends and learned and experienced a lot of new things in life. And, most importantly, we've managed to escape the wrath of December 21st! I thought for sure thought the moon would be crashing into planet Earth and we'd all be going to hell in a hand basket. Not!

The staff and I would like to express our deepest thanks to all of you who have chosen to stick with us throughout the year and years past. We would also like to extend a huge welcome to all of the new members who have joined our ranks over the past year. We've seen a lot of cool additions to the site and we've experimented with many different things over the past year. We've accomplished a lot in 2012 and have plans to accomplish even more in 2013. Our most significant, and perhaps most challenging, accomplishment of 2012 was our 3DS Friend Codes listing.

For the staff, this quickly became a true test of patience. Eventually, small details were worked out and the management of our "younger" new-joins became a whole lot easier. Either way, it was a great experience and I have had a great time experiencing it with you all. We launched the feature in May and it took off shortly after, maybe a month or so later. By giving our members the flexibility to update and manage their own Friend Code was, hands down, more efficient that having to rely on someone to update a forums topic. Since May, we've had nearly 700 members from all over the world join our community to get their 3DS Friend Code listed on our site. In fact, we even managed to rank #1 in Google for 3DS Friend Codes.

In addition to the 3DS Friend Codes feature, we unveiled our Wii U Friend Codes listing, which we launched on November 18th, 2012. This operates in the same manner as the 3DS list, allowing members to input and have full control over their Nintendo Network ID (NNID). We're looking forward to embracing the same reception and success with this listing, and feel it will begin to blossom approximately by mid-2013.

For those interested in statistics, here are some highlights for 2012.

Community (Forums) Statistics:
  • 1,052 Total Registered Members - In December alone, we had 199 members join our community. The spike in new members was largely due to many people receiving a 3DS for Christmas.
  • 35,903 Total Forum Posts - June yielded the most activity in forum discussions, with 1,623 posts. The 2012 E3 convention contributed significantly to this number.
  • 4,072 Total Topics - A total of 1,004 topics were created during 2012. Please note that many of these were created automatically upon publishing new articles.
Website Statistics:
  • 562 Total Articles - 365 of these articles were published in 2012
  • 1,116 Total Game Database Records - All from 2012
  • 55 Total Reviews - 18 approved in 2012
  • 112 Total Cheats - All from 2012
  • 5,679 Total Gallery images
With that, I'd like to be able to share some personal New Year's resolutions I have with everyone here. The truth is, resolutions aren't realistic (for me, anyways) and they're way overrated. What I will do, is list some ideas that I have for us for the year 2013. For the record, I fully intend to achieve the below listed tasks this year.

2013 Projected Goals:
  • Games Database - I'd like to see at least 2,000 games listed. Everyone is doing a great job with requests, so I'll keep working as hard as I possibly can for you guys to fulfill personal requests as quickly as I can. Everyone's patience is very much appreciated!
  • Cosmetics - Over the course of the next year, I'll be implementing some minor changes in the design department. The look of our community forums likely won't change much, but I plan to make small adjustments to the way the site looks, specifically how the games are listed in the Games Database, as well as the individual pages for each of those games. Similar changes will also be made to our Reviews Database.
  • New Avatar Page - I've wanted to create an avatar page for quite some time now and this year I intend to get one designed. Members will be able to choose from a huge collection of avatars, which can be used for their member profiles. The collection will range from many different Nintendo characters, from many different games and genres.
  • Affiliates Section - Our new affiliates section will be pretty nice. The concept is already envisioned so the design just needs to be implemented.
  • Calendar Replacement - Since our current calendar doesn't get much use, I'm thinking about scrapping that and replacing it with a sort of "coming soon" calendar that I'll design from scratch, using a custom database.
  • Secret Project - I've been working on something crazy and I want to give everyone a sneak peek at some point later in the year.
In closing, the Nintendo Nerds staff and I would like to welcome any new ideas that would make our site that much better, and separate us from everyone else. Thanks again for everything you do, and all of your support! We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for our loyal members, friends, family and fans! We have so many great things to look forward to this year.

Happy Holidays,
Kevin & Team Nintendo Nerds

P.S. The awesome image at the top is from Nintendo.

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Woo hoo! Yeah I really don't do the whole resolution thing either. I really liked reading the statistics. I also think that the goals for 2013 sound very promising and I can't wait to see them become a reality. I'll surely be here!
I hope to do some more reviews for this site in the future, as well as grabbing some more screenshots,
Yay! Happy new year! Im looking forward to it all!!!
Happy New Year!!!
Happy New Year! May this be a better year for us all!