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Check Out Our Shiny New 2012 E3 Banner

By Kevin on May 28 2012 07:41 PM
In preparation of the upcoming E3 Expo event, I have added a countdown clock and designed a custom banner to go with it. The timer can be seen on the homepage of our site, as well as the forums. Don't worry, I've ensured that the time on the banner precisely matches the time found on Nintendo's Official Facebook Page. I'd suggest that you reload your page, though, so you're viewing the timer the way it's meant to be viewed. I've tested the design with all major current versions of Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. It's also web-friendly and supports all major mobile Browsers.

Posted Image

The constant reminder will definitely help me keep track of when Nintendo's presentation will start. It's really hard for me to keep track of what's happening back in the states, so I now have no excuse. So, hopefully this will help you all keep track as well. So just everyone knows, the new 2012 E3 Nintendo banner should look something very similar to the images below.

Homepage - (click on image for full view)
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Forums - (click on image for full view)
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Great job Kevin!
This is great. I can hardly wait to see what Nintendo reveals and the discuss it with you guys!