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Happy Holidays From Nintendo Nerds

By Kevin on Dec 25 2012 06:20 PM
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On behalf of the Nintendo Nerds staff, I would like to personally wish everyone a happy holiday season. I hope everyone was gifted with what they wanted. I'm sure many of you have been enjoying many hours of new video games already.

When you come up for some air, post some pictures of your new Christmas swag, empty glasses of eggnog or Christmas trees! Or, just talk about the most memorable times you've had throughout the year. Happy holidays, everyone!

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Woohoo! Got the kingdom hearts game for the 3ds and way more 3ds points than I know what to do with.. Hope everyone has had a memorable holiday this year!
I received a 3DS XL for Christmas even though I had been on the fence all this time about going XL or not. But since I do a lot of drawing with Art Academy it's probably for the best. Plus some day we might get Animal Crossing .. right? RIGHT??

Well I've transfered all my data, it's now time to sell a couple of my older machines. I've loved you all.
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I didn't do much. I just went out to dinner and I got some flowers :) My boyfriend doesn't celebrate Christmas. Plus I haven't got a Christmas present since I was 19 I think :P Its just pretty much a normal day for me now. But I love this time of year! Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays! I did not get a single game this year. All I wanted was a Wii U but that did not happen. I am $100.00 closer to it though. That is something, right? I have been playing Pokemon White 2 most of the time with the occasional Resident Evil Revelations.
Just snagged myself a Wii U.  I have Mario, Zombi U, My Little Inferno, and Nintendo Land right now.  All of these games are great.