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Pokémon Dream World Dolls Are So Adorable

By Kevin on Oct 20 2012 01:34 AM
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What a shocking discovery!
The Pokémon Dream World is just one of the many included features that extend the playability and gameplay experience for owners of Pokémon Black Version, Pokémon Black Version 2, Pokémon White Version and Pokémon White Version 2, for the Nintendo DS.

If you have one of these Pokémon titles and aren't taking advantage of the Pokémon Dream World, you're missing out on a lot of cool stuff. This is only the beginning though. If you're interested in online trades or battles, that can also be done using the Pokémon Global Link feature. The options are pretty limitless with these games.

For example, while in the Pokémon Dream World, you can:
  • find, plant and harvest a wide variety of Berries.
  • visit exciting places such as Pleasant Forest, Spooky Manor, Icy Cave and more.
  • trade items with other players.
  • catch exclusive and rare Pokémon.
  • participate in a variety mini-games.
  • transfer items and Pokémon back to your game.
  • customize and decorate your own Dream World home with Dolls and furniture.
There are other things you can do, but we think it's best if you go and discover them yourself. And, speaking of decorating, we've created a current listing for all available Pokémon Dolls that are available with the Pokémon Dream World. Some of the Dolls are only offered during special promotional periods, while others require you to trade in a specified number of Berries. So, check it out when you get a chance and let us know what you think.

Pokémon Dream World Dolls - Nintendo Nerds

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Dream World just got better in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. Why? Well because of Join Avenue. DarthArkand I have noticed that when log on to DW and visit random friends or pal pad friends on there, they can visit you in Join Avenue! It is so cool. I believe my character, Zander is now a shop owner in DarthArk's game! :)

Also, the Poke Doll catalog is awesome. The dolls are so cute in Dream World. I am working hard to collect my berries so I can get them all. Or should I say "catch'em all"? Lol.