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Twitter Log In Option Now Available

By Kevin on Feb 13 2013 08:52 PM
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OK, this is the last log in option that I'm implementing. I promise. You now have the option to log in to our community using your existing Twitter account. You can choose to use your Google or Facebook account as well. This covers all three of the major social-networking platforms.

Feel free to address any questions or concerns you have.

I feel rounded out now. Do you?

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Let me think about this for a while...

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No, you're not rounded out! You look good. Healthy.

I don't have a Twitter account but I've been told I should get one. Everyone who has one seems to be addicted to it though and that's not a risk I'm willing to take.

They can't limit my character count to 140 if they can't have my allegiance! I shall write as much as I dare! WHO'S WITH ME?! WHO WILL WRITE OVER 140 CHARACTERS AND LIBERATE THEIR THOUGHTS WITHOUT HAVING TO USE INTERNET SLANG?! WE FIGHT FOR THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE!!! WE FIGHT FOR NARNIA!!!

...okay, I'm done.
I rarely post to Twitter these days because my thoughts always break the character limit. It's extremely hard posting to Miiverse for the same reason. That said, these new log in options don't tickle my fancy. More power to those who do enjoy the extra stuff, though.
This is also, also nice. :)