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We Now Have 1,000 Games In Our Database!

By Kevin on Jun 01 2012 06:46 AM
With the constant requests being made by the members of the Nintendo Nerds community, our Games Database has now grown to a whopping 1,000 games. That's not too bad considering how long this project has been around. Earlier this year, I published an article called A New Foundation Comes A New Future. In that article, I set a goal to have around 1,000 or so games in the database by the end of this year. Well, the year isn't even halfway over and we've already achieved that milestone.

Our Games Database is unique. Each of the 1,000 games has its own database record. Each game record contains a nice big image of the game, as well as information such as the Publisher, Release Date, Genre, Number of Players, and ESRB rating. Additionally, you can rate each game, and even add the game to your very own Personal Game Library; another unique feature we have here at Nintendo Nerds. Games range anywhere from the Game & Watch, all the way to the Wii U, and everything in between.

The Nintendo Nerds team wants to thank everyone for their continued support and undying desire to create one of the best Nintendo-based websites and communities on the Internet. We look forward to working hard for all of our members and the rest of the world. Thank you, everyone!

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That is awesome. What an achievement in such a short period of time!