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2013 Wii U Nintendo eShop Release Schedule Details

By Kevin on Jun 12 2013 06:36 AM
Yesterday's Nintendo Direct @E3 2013 gave us some valuable insight for 3rd party Wii U and 3DS titles. Immediately following that announcement, a list of Wii U eShop titles — currently in the development process — were also revealed.

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Here are the eleven titles expected to make an appearance in the Wii U eShop throughout 2013.
  • Ballpoint Universe (Arachnid Games)
  • Cloudberry Kingdom (Ubisoft)
  • Coaster Crazy Deluxe (Frontier Developments)
  • DuckTales: Remastered (Capcom)
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara (Capcom)
  • Mutant Mudds Deluxe (Renegade Kid)
  • Oddworld: New 'N' Tasty (Oddworld Inhabitants)
  • Scram Kitty & His Buddy on Rails (Dakko Dakko Ltd.)
  • Shovel Knight (Yacht Club Games)
  • Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party (KnapNok Games)
  • A World of Keflings (NinjaBee)

Which ones are you excited to hear more about?

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Duck Tales, woo hoo! :fireworks:
I think Shovel Knight (Yacht Club Games) looks like a fun game.
I've heard great things about Shovel Knight by Yacht Club Games. There was a really great article by Jesse Singal in the Boston Globe SundayArts section that praised the game. He said that YCG used Kickstarter and made $236,502 over their initial preferred amount ($75,000) for development.

Ballpoint Universe by Arachnid Games looks attractive enough. I'm a fan of that sketchy-freshly-drawn look.

We've talked about Mutant Mudds Deluxe by Renegade Kid, and it'll be pretty amazing in HD.

Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party by KnapNok Games...I had heard about this party game on another site and it seems terrifying, stupid, and fun all at once. The minimalist art-style is sort of cute and inappropriate-looking simultaneously as well. I'm sure that's just me, though.

Lastly, I'm most excited to hear more about A World of Keflings by NinjaBee. I got to play the demo on the XBox once and it's really fun*! It's a real-time city-building game with story elements where you play as a giant who helps the very tiny regular-sized Kefling people grow their city. You aid in moving things around and obtaining resources. It's gotten decent ratings and I'd love to play it again.

*= I may have played Kingdom of Keflings instead, now that I think about it, but the core concepts of both games are very similar.