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32GB White Wii U Deluxe (Premium) Model Headed To Japan On July 13th

By Kevin on May 29 2013 11:33 PM
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Did you really think it wouldn't happen?

Nintendo Company Limited (NCL) have just announced the 32GB White Wii U Premium (Deluxe) Set for Japan. It will go on sale starting Saturday, July 13th for 31,500 Yen, which is approximately equal to $307.92 US Dollars. It's also the same price as Japan's 32GB Black Wii U Premium (Deluxe) Set, and includes all the same accessories.

Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe have not yet announced this new hardware model. We can assure you though that it's coming.

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Let me think about this for a while...

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AWESOME! That's the one I want! I was actually thinking I'd get a white one and add more memory at cost to me, but that's awesome! White is so modern and classy and it doesn't show fingerprints — even though it gets a little grungy, but it can be cleaned.

I'm gonna start counting my pennies now. You think they might announce it at E3? Maybe they'll announce it around the holiday shopping season. But yeah, DO WANT.
I bought the Basic set specifically for the white color. I know it doesn't have as much storage and doesn't include Nintendo Land, so I used the following to justify it:

- You will have to add storage regardless if you buy Basic or Deluxe, because I intend on downloading more titles

- I am not interested in Nintendo Land right now because of it's limited single player appeal. Perhaps if they offer a demo later or when it's price is discounted, but I wasn't interested in the title too much.

Lastly, the Digital Promotion club that comes with the Deluxe set would have been nice since I"ll be downloading more titles from eShop, but hopefully Nintendo opens it up to ALL customers. If  they are going to have a incentive program to buy digital, then it should be for every console.

Now that we are 6+ months after launch, I still feel I made the right choice because my main goal was I wanted the White console. I've added my external storage (1TB Toshiba Canvio), and I have downloaded more from the eShop than purchases at Retail.

And, as an added bonus, it matches my existing Wiimotes and Classic Controler Pro.
ah YAY! I knew it! I hope this version will be released in Russia, too. I want it so much.
I knew this would be coming out eventually. It makes me a little upset because I really wanted the White console but the 8GB was not ideal for me. Oh well, too late now. I still love my console but the smudges drive me insane.