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A CD Can Be Used As A Wii U Cleaning Disc

By Kevin on Dec 02 2012 05:04 AM
Have you ever wondered what would happen if you inserted a music CD or movie DVD into your Wii U? Well, we've tried both types of media and have the results. From what we already know, the Wii U's Panasonic RD-DKL034-ND optical drive is capable of reading both Wii U and Wii game discs. Did you know though, that it can also read CDs? To our surprise, the outcome was shocking, to say the least; unlike anything we ever expected.

We fed the Wii U a few different types of disc media. First, we tried a normal Blu-ray movie disc. Shortly after inserting Puss in Boots, the Wii U gave us a blank stare and said it couldn't read the disc. We kind of expected to see something like that, so it wasn't a huge deal. After seeing this error, we immediately came up with a clever pun, but we'll refrain making the public aware of that. Basically, the Wii U just doesn't like "that movie."

Next, we tried a CD-R, which contained a melodic medley comprised by extremely popular artists such as Justin Bieber, Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Vanilla Ice and Kelly Osbourne. To our immediate surprise, the Wii U began reading the disc as if...it actually liked it. A few seconds later, an icon popped up on the menu screen labeled as "Wii U Cleaning Disc." After clicking on the disc icon, the system began cleaning itself for about 10 seconds. When finished, the screen displayed a "Cleaning Complete" message.

Posted Image
Our music CD-R is being used as a "Wii U Cleaning Disc."

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The cleaning process takes about ten seconds to complete.

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Next time, we'll try coating the CD-R with some Pine-Sol.

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Sweet! I wonder what happens when you put in a disc from the all-mighty Sega Dreamcast? Maybe time travel back to 9-9-99?
i wonder what would happen if you insert a gamecube game.

View Postdswag, on 02 December 2012 - 12:39 PM, said:

i wonder what would happen if you insert a gamecube game.

As much as I've thought about doing that, I'm not going to. The last thing I want to happen, is for the disc to get stuck in there.
That is funny. I guess Nintendo will be releasing an official Wii U cleaning disk sometime in the future?

View PostKevin, on 02 December 2012 - 05:08 AM, said:

Next time, we'll try coating the CD-R with some Pine-Sol.

I wonder what would happen if you put a computer game in it lol.
Strange but cool.