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Art Academy Wii U Gives Miiverse Artists More Tools

By Kevin on Jun 11 2013 07:39 PM
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If you're familiar with Miiverse, there's no doubt that some of the art drawings created by its users are absolutely amazing. Those drawings have taken fans countless hours to create. Nintendo has noted that and has taken that in to account for something new and exciting.

Global President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, today announced during the Nintendo Direct @E3 2013 that new colorful tools and features are headed to Miiverse. Iwata says, "we had no idea that Miiverse would be used in this way before we launched Wii U." Iwata then went on, adding "we started to wonder what users could accomplish if we provided them with more complete drawing tools."

The answer? An Art Academy installment for Wii U.

Developers are currently working on a version of Art Academy that allows fans to use features found within the game for posting images on Miiverse. Before Art Academy for Wii U is launched, a special version of the game will be made available for Miiverse artists. This special version will be available from the Nintendo eShop at some point this Summer. Pencils, colored pencils, and pastels will allow fans to create timeless Miiverse art.

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This has me pretty excited. I remember a time in my life when digital art by means of a drawing tablet was just too expensive for most people. But now we have all these touch-screen devices and we're able to experiment to our heart's delight! No more feeling like we're wasting art supplies!

It's smart is what it is. All that beautiful fan art was basically interpreted by Nintendo as, "We want this! We want to make more art with more tools, Nintendo!" And Nintendo is responding in kind.

I really look forward to getting a Wii U. I already suggested that I'd like to get one by Christmas to my sister who said, "Ooh! Hmm...maybe, we'll see!" No one can deny the Wii U is moving in the right direction with great games and applications like Art Academy!
So Nintendo really does take the fans needs seriously. I'm excited for the new and improved art on miiverse :D
This is great. I knew it was only a matter of time before AA came to Wii U based on all the Miiverse drawings. This "app" would be very welcomed until the release of the full game.
Really great news! Now I need to buy a console and wait for all of these wonderful things.