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Best Buy Online Wii U Pre-Orders Sold Out

By Kevin on Sep 15 2012 10:02 AM
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A few days ago, we showed you a few options when it came to pre-ordering the Wii U. Congrats to those who were lucky enough to claim your pre-order. Best Buy online is no longer offering Wii U pre-orders for the Basic or Deluxe edition. Various online retails began accepting pre-orders immediately following the North American Wii U Preview event, held on September 13th. If you've tried to pre-order a Wii U from Best Buy online lately, the image below will look all too familiar to you. As far as pre-ordering in-store, that option may still be available. The best thing to do is call your local Best Buy or participating retailer.

My guess is that we'll be able to relate the debut holiday season, for the Wii U, to the debut holiday season for the Wii in 2006. If you are planning on getting one at some point this holiday season, I'd get one as soon as possible.

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I went to my local Gamestop today, they sold out of Deluxe Edition in less than 48 hrs, company wide. They still have Basic Edition pre-orders available. I didnt go to Best Buy, will do that tomorrow
Honestly, this really surprises me. I had my doubts, and I, a buyer of almost everything Nintendo day 1(when it comes to hardware) said I wouldn't pick it up anytime soon due to interest. Hopefully this spells good things for the Wii U's future.
I am happy and sad about this at the same time. I mean do I think that i could have afforded this system on release date? No. Would I have liked to have the option, yes. The deluxe is sold out nearly everywhere.