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Here's One Hot Wii U Deluxe System

By Kevin on Nov 22 2012 04:38 PM
Are you still on an endless search to find a Wii U? We've found one hot-looking Deluxe Set for you. There are a few sizzling details you may want to know about it, though. First of all, it will cost you $3490.03. But wait, there's more! It comes with a few packed-in bonus items such as a Wasp Toad, full of Wasp sheddings and an Eyeball Toad, full of Toad Eyeballs. The truth is, this Wii U was nuked, while powered on, using a Kenmore Elite 1200-watt microwave.

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This is the worst form of art i have ever seen, watching this makes me question our society.
If i meet this man in real life i will punch him in the balls...
wy do I live on this world
hmm going over board much? I guess making a multi-tasking gaming bomb that can heat food could be usefull... it you want four arms and two heads to play with in the long run!
Wow hmmmmm
So easy a caveman can do it...