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How Much Does Brazil Pay For Wii U?

By Kevin on Nov 29 2012 05:30 PM
If you thought the Wii U was expensive in the North American, European and Japanese regions, you should see how much Brazil has to pay. At the Mirai retail outlet, the Wii U Basic Set is priced at an equivalent of over $1,000 US Dollars. Its price tag displays R$2.199,00 or 10 monthly payments of R$219,90. A quick currency conversion reveals that 2.199,00 Brazilian Reals is equal to 1051.55 US Dollars.

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Source: NeoGAF

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OMG! What kind of shop is that being sold at? That's like the way they calculate rent-to-own prices here!
Maybe that Wii U is not for sale...if you know what I mean.
Here in Romania the cheapest, white 8GB Basic Pack Wii U is $441. The black 32GB Premium with Nintendo Land is $500.
The black Premium with the ZombieU is the most expensive: $588.
Holy smokes that is crazy! At times like these I am glad that I live in North America.
Wow that's crazy! I know in Canada it's also more expense, but no where near that price.
Yup hurr in amurricah we gotz it guudd y'all! .. like totally
Not to mention that at this moment there are only two games available and the console is totally missing from the stores. It is available strictly by pre-order.
So...high price is not enough.
Yes, living in North America is a blessing.