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Iwata Reveals Wii U GamePad Prototype Concept

By Kevin on Dec 07 2012 06:20 AM
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In the latest edition of Iwata Asks, Mr. Iwata-san talks to the brains behind Nintendo Land, Wii U's packed-in launch title. The development team for Nintendo Land is comprised of Producer Eguchi-san, along with Developers Shimamura-san, Yamashita-san and Art Director Sakaguchi-san. Shimamura-san and Yamashita-san last directed side-by-side for Wii titles Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.

During the discussion, Iwata reveals that the development of Nintendo Land started the same time as Wii U. At that time, there was no solid hardware design for Wii U. Various different experiments were conducted to see what would happen if there was a second, dedicated screen to a TV game console. This was the start of the Wii U's dual-screen concept.

Iwata: All right, thank you. We actually began developing Nintendo Land at about the same time as Wii U, so parts of its development story overlap. Eguchi-san, what kind of requests did you first make to Shimamura-san and Yamashita-san?

Eguchi: As I remember it, completely separate from what kind of gaming console Wii U would be, our own team performed a number of experiments with regard to gameplay using both a small screen in your hands and the television screen.

Iwata: That was back when we haven't yet decided on a concrete concept for Wii U. We experimented many things, and one of that was to see what would happen if there was another dedicated screen to a TV game console.

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Shimamura: I thought that might come up, so I brought this as a prop today.

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Iwata: Behold the original form of the Wii U GamePad! (laughs)
Shimamura: It's very high-tech—a monitor and controllers stuck together by double-sided tape. (laughs)

Source: Iwata Asks: Nintendo Land

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Comments: 3

Hahaha that is funny. I mean all designs have to have a starting point.
the gamepad prototype is off the chain. And I can actually see that being brought to market,with slots for wiimotes replacing the double-sided tape.and instead of including thumb sticks on the unit, having slots where your nunchuks slide into, much like how the zapper has the slots, and its really nothing more than a plastic shell.

Of course the final gamepad we ended up with is way more awesome,
wow that's soo cool how they have made it
I think it was the idea to make that thing like the zaper

¯\(°_o)/¯ i don't know