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Japanese Wii U Nintendo Direct With English Subtitles

By Kevin on Nov 08 2012 08:31 AM
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During yesterday's Japanese Nintendo Direct, we provided you with as many LIVE, translated details as we could. The details were short, concise and presented you with the information that was important. Shortly following that presentation, Nintendo of America uploaded an abridged version, detailing the built-in Wii U features called WaraWara Plaza and Wii U Chat.

Just recently, Nintendo of Europe have introduced a series of three videos directly from the Japanese Nintendo Direct, complete with fully-translated English subtitles. Each video highlights a main point from the Japanese Nintendo Direct. The first video in the three-part series shows Iwata-san's epic, first-time unboxing ceremony for the Wii U, fully equipped with white gloves. The second video explains Miiverse and the new Nintendo Network account system. Finally, you can watch the demonstration video for Wii U Chat, where Iwata-san and Reggie have an interesting conversation, dowsed with sub-par artwork and spotty Japanese.

Check out Nintendo of Europe's Nintendo Direct page to learn more about the Wii U.
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Thanks to LuffyFoxtrot for sending the news tip!

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I seen one of these videos yesterday. The one that explained or should I say translated Miiverse and Nintendo Network. I am glad that this was translated because I liked how it was explained. I am getting more and more excited for this system.
I agree. And, I love Iwata-san's humor during the ceremonial Wii U unboxing.
I believe Best buy and Game Stop has the Wii U on display. Pretty cool system.