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Mario Kart U Will Arrive

By Kevin on Jun 07 2012 06:25 AM
With the 2012 Nintendo E3 presentations in our rear view mirror, it's time to focus on what lie ahead for Nintendo's newest upcoming console, Wii U. We, as loyal fans and consumers, depend on Nintendo to develop and publish games that maintain our passion for Nintendo. As the years pass and technology evolves, the games change. This all seems to happen at a lightning-quick speed, doesn't it?

Speaking of rear view mirrors and lightning-quick speeds, I'd like to make one thing very clear to everyone. Mario Kart U is in the chute for the Wii U. Now, that might be completely obvious to everyone, but did you know that the domain name "mariokartu.com" was already purchased by Nintendo themselves? In fact, the domain name was purchased exactly one year ago, on June 8th, 2011. Whether Mario's new Mario Kart title for the Wii U will be titled Mario Kart U or not remains a mystery. We know though, that it'll be coming soon!

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Yes though this was expected the fact that they purchased this that long ago leads me to believe that it is already in the works. More than likely the very early stages but that is a good thing. Unfortunately the only thing that I will not look forward to is this being called "U". That is not original enough for me. I loved the fact they called the 3DS Mario Kart, MK7. Even Paper Mario and Luigi's Mansion did use the obvious "3D or 3DS" in the title. Unfortunately, Nintendo is predictable and since New Super Mario Bro's was Wii and now U, I expect Mario Kart Wii to now be called U, as well.
Most of the N64 games with "64" in the title sounded good. The ones for the DS... I didn't really care for them but it didn't bother me. Some of the games with "Wii" were fine too.

Moral of the story, Nintendo should whip up a new good bonker to throw at their games. And like aq said (in the above post), "U" just doesn't make the list of acceptable things to end a title with.

Come to think of it, they don't really have to have a nickname. As far as I'm aware, no Gamecube games sport a common nickname.
I agree. I would rather no nickname and just a pure title.
That's true @CubeMaster54. I wonder why they started down that "DS", "Wii" and "U" naming scheme? I am guessing to tie the title into their new, at the time, systems.

But how awesome would the Mario Kart GCN title have been for Double Dash? I have always liked the GCN nickname to identify the GameCube!