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Miiverse Error Code 121-5918

By Kevin on Feb 20 2013 04:53 PM
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If you've been an active member in the Miiverse community, you've probably posted your fair share of Miiverse messages. You may have even come across an error messages that says, "Posting is currently restricted. Please wait 5 more minutes to post."

This isn't anything specific to the way Miiverse functions or something the Miiverse administration team has incorporated. It's a standard implementation that's used in many communities to defend against "flooding" and SPAM. This also makes moderation duties much more easier. While there may be a 5-minute posting restriction in Miiverse, you can still comment on posts made by other members.

Source: Wii U Miiverse Support

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What's Miiverse? If it's on a Wii U, never mind but a 3ds, What is it?

NintendoKOZ, on 20 February 2013 - 05:20 PM, said:

What's Miiverse? If it's on a Wii U, never mind but a 3ds, What is it?

It's on the WiiU only right now. It's a messaging system with a community base. Like having a forum on the internet but with a lot more rules and restrictions.
Its like Nintendo's own form of Google+
In the Wii U you can make posts and if you are in a game you can post a screenshot of where you are in the game in your post.
Other people can click "Yeah" which is like the +1 or Like (from facebook) and people can leave comments.
Soon it will be available from any browser (I would assume you just need to log in with your Nintendo ID and password) and hopefully very soon will be on the 3DS as well.
In the Miiverse logo, is that one person the only one with a face or are the other two facing backwards? And why?
Yes I have experienced this already. As soon as I read the prompt I knew that it was to prevent a crazy amount of posts. I am glad this is present since I would not like to read comments from the same person over and over when I visit a community.