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Miiverse Logo Revealed Along With Small Details

By Kevin on Oct 26 2012 10:57 PM
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In a recent investor question and answer briefing period about the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U, some basic information regarding the elusive Miiverse feature has been revealed. When questioned about Miiverse during this Q&A period, Global President of Nintendo Satoru Iwata states that Miiverse is very complex and too time-consuming to be discussed in detail during the Q&A. He did state that Miiverse will be featured in full detail via a Nintendo Direct prior to the launch of the Wii U.

He understands that fans feel a bit left in the dark about what the Miiverse feature will entail, but assures everyone that more details will follow very soon. He explains further, by saying that Miiverse will be used to connect many different types of people; both friends and strangers. This will, in turn, create more interaction between fans, friends and families. Miiverse will enhance the experience that fans get with the software. Additionally, Miiverse will help fans decide what games to play based on other players' feedback and comments.

Source: October 25th Q&A Briefing

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This is exciting!
Wow, always on top of everything.  I know if there is anything to be known this is the first place to look.  A week ago I felt like I knew nothing, now my husband says "wow you sound like a 3DS pro, where did you learn all this stuff!"  I tell him, "nintendonerds" lol.  Thanks, I cannot wait to find out more!
Cant wait for more info.