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Miiverse Now Available Via PC And Mobile Device

By Kevin on Apr 24 2013 08:28 PM
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The beta version of Miiverse has arrived for PC!

The time has finally arrived! Miiverse is now available via PC and mobile device. Click on the link below and log in using your Nintendo Network ID and password. Upon logging in, there are two panes. The pane on the left side of the screen (main navigation) provides navigation for your user menu, activity feed, communities, and notifications. The pane on the right displays information from whatever item is selected from your main navigation screen.

Miiverse | Nintendo

Clicking on the Activity Feed allows you to view your friend's posts and gives you the option to "Yeah" or comment on them. As with Miiverse accessed from the Wii U, six different emotions can be used in conjunction with your comments to show more meaning. You also have the option to delete your comments. The ability to post new comments or follow others is not yet available. The option to set spoilers for your comments is also available, along with "Report Spoilers" and "Report Violations" buttons.

At the present time, Miiverse for PC is still in its initial phase. Nintendo does plan to add new features so keep checking back!

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something tells me tomorrow is going to be an awesome day! I know my stylus finger needs a rest from checking for system updates all this week! That's how impatient I am, Kevin!
This is awesome. This was the first thing I did this morning after showering and getting dressed. I am currently browsing Miiverse on my work PC. This will make Miiverse even more addictive than it is now. I know that i personally post a lot on it so this is great for me.

Oh btw that TKO post looks very familiar... lol.
Love it! Hope the beta doesn't take too long so we can post from our browser! App is going to be great too!
How is everyone enjoying being able to save the screen shots and drawings? I know I have been sharing more images because of it.
Miiverse is great for those times when you achieve an EPIC WIN and the only other person around to share it with is a dog.