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New Miiverse Announcement: Image Attachments, Blocked Users

By Kevin on May 15 2013 05:05 PM
Our digital Wii U Miiverse friend "Tom" has announced another important update for the Miiverse Community. It doesn't appear as though the below changes have taken place yet, so expect them very shortly. With all these slow and steady updates, Miiverse is beginning to take on the shape of a nice well-rounded and fluid experience.

Tom from Miiverse said:

Posted Image
1. You're now able to attach screenshots to comments! You were only able to attach screenshots to the original posts until now, but starting today you can also attach a screenshot to a comment. This will hopefully come in handy when you want to show the poster what you're playing.

2. When you block another user, that user can no longer follow you. If they were already following you, you will automatically be removed from their Following list.

Source: Miiverse

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Another week, another good Miiverse update. The ability to attach a screenshot to a comment is cool, but I"m glad they finally fixed the Blocked user thing.
Good stuff. Very similar to the Swapnote update allowing pictures in replies. :)