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New Super Mario Boost Rush Mode!

By Kevin on Sep 19 2012 03:51 PM
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Thanks to Game Informer, we get to have a better look at what Boost Rush Mode looks like for New Super Mario Bros. U. Up to this point, we've seen bits and pieces, in screenshots and video clips, but this video presents a few tidbits we haven't yet been able to see. By the way, I love Toad's red/ blue color scheme that he's sporting in the video. I'd love to see some DLC (Downloadable Content) offered that gives us the option to have different color-schemed characters.

Game Informer's exclusive Boost Rush Mode footage can be seen right here:
Watch Our Exclusive Trailer For Mario U's Boost Rush Mode - Features

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I think boost rush mode will add to the frenzy that is NSMB multi-player. :) That is a good thing.

I also agree that DLC for colors or characters would be awesome.