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New Wii U Presentation: Miiverse, WaraWara Plaza And More

By Kevin on Nov 09 2012 12:50 PM
A brand new seven-part presentation video for Wii U has been added to Nintendo of Japan's official Wii U website. Thanks to Twitter user Cheesemeister3K, for translating details for each part, which are listed below. The presentation is conducted and narrated by Christel Takigawa, as she gives us a first-hand look at some exciting new details. Part five and six are especially interesting, as they cover details pertaining to Miiverse and WaraWara Plaza.

Here are the translated details for each part of the presentation, as provided by Cheesemeister3K, via NeoGAF:
  • Part 1 - It's in HD! You connect it with an HDMI cable. The graphical quality is much better than on the Wii.
  • Part 2 - GamePad features! Off-screen play.
  • Part 3 - Browse the Internet mid-game! Open the curtain to show what you're seeing on the TV. Play streaming videos and browse for others at the same time. No need to huddle around a laptop. On-screen keyboard, touchscreen interface.
  • Part 4 - Wii U Chat video calls with other Wii U users! Talk to grandma. Wide field of view on the GamePad camera, so the whole family fits in the frame. No additional cost associated with video calls, only the cost of Internet service.
  • Part 5 - Look for game recommendations! Miiverse. WaraWara Plaza is the first thing you see, where other users comment on games they're playing. Click on a game icon to access its Miiverse community board. Text messages, hand-drawn images lined up in a feed. Follow other users. View screenshots. When looking for a game from a certain genre, other users' feedback may be helpful.
  • Part 6 - Empathize with others playing the same game! Write what you feel mid-game and read others' comments, as in NSMBU. Post your message! Several hours later... See lots of text and drawn responses! See a new, deeper perspective on the game your playing through the eyes of other players.
  • Part 7 - Turn your living room into a karaoke room with Wii U! Connect to the Internet and choose from over 90,000 songs, updated monthly. Wii U Mic, 1,890 yen. For offline users: Mic w/ Trial Disc of 10,000 songs usable for a month, 2,940 yen. Enjoy with family or practice singing in private.
Again, thanks to Cheesemeister3K for providing translations and YouTube user NiNTENDOMiNATiON for getting that video added so quickly.

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Wow I get excited the more I hear and read about the Wii U!!! This is going to be awesome!
So much Nintendo Japan presentations that I'm almost starting to know Japanese. Like Tom Hanks in the making-of "Forrest Gump", where he acted like playing table tennis in front of the cameras, the ball being precessed onto the film digitally.
After imitating the play for several minutes, he exclaimed:
"I'm starting to see the ball!".
The video is awesome. I really hope the North American videos can be done so well and with so much depth.
The more information I get on the wii u the more I want to consider possibly perhaps buying it, just not sure what the need would be.  Unless of course they do find ways to connect the 3DS to the wii u, then I will truly consider purchasing it.
I still want Nintendo to try and employ a "Nintendo DS/3DS Player" on the Wii U somehow, much like the Game Boy Player for the GameCube.
Who showed Grandma how to use the Wii U?  She's never going to quit calling now!  Everything on there looks great.  I wonder if it works as well as they say.

View Postquijas31, on 12 November 2012 - 10:17 AM, said:

Who showed Grandma how to use the Wii U?  She's never going to quit calling now!  Everything on there looks great.  I wonder if it works as well as they say.

Hahaha yeah there will be no excuses not to keep in touch with Grandma now. :)
You guys could always call this "guy," you know...