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Nintendo @ E3 Miiverse Communities Now Open

By Kevin on Jun 06 2013 08:24 PM
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Nintendo have just opened official Miiverse Communities for Nintendo @ E3. This Special Community can be found in Miiverse (must be logged in) by clicking on "Communities" and scrolling down to the "Special" section. The Nintendo @ E3 Miiverse Community also has an announcement community called "Backstage.

According to our Miiverse Announcement friend Tom, this special Nintendo @ E3 community "will be open only for a limited time. So if you have something you want to post, I suggest you do so soon."

Source: Miiverse

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Let me think about this for a while...

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I wrote a story about the image used in this article. Please enjoy.

There once was a Pink Mii who was very small. She hated it. She downright despised it! And so one day, she changed it.

Pink Mii approached her friends: White Mii who was talented at everything, Blue Mii with the glasses, Dark Green Mii with the braids, Light Green Mii with the hat and a talent for rhyming, and Yellow Mii with golden locks who was just beginning a commercial modelling career selling ready-to-wear fashion in catalogs.

"My friends. I have created a serum. A potion, if you will. It will make us giants and change our lives! I call it a growth serum. I'm going to drink some. Are you with me?!" Pink Mii may have been small, but this speech...it stirred something in her friends. She could have been a great orator, really.

"Yes!" White Mii exclaimed in excitement!

"Yes, Pink Mii!" Blue Mii yelled, adjusting his glasses.

"Yes!" Dark Green Mii concurred, flipping her braids and sparkling because she can also sparkle and it's not integral to the story but I thought you might like to know anyway, you're welcome very much.

"Yes!" Light Green Mii rhymed! (It rhymed with what he said before the story which was, "Guess!" Because Pink Mii has said, "Guess what?!" See? I told you he could rhyme! But no one really realizes he's doing it.)

Yellow Mii thought for a moment. He had his career to think about! Modelling is hard work. And looking fabulous, it's something that comes naturally to him, sure. But it's difficult to always be "on" all the time. He worried about his pets and his family as well. But then he was like, "What's the worst that can happen?" And so he agreed as well.

Pink Mii gave each Mii a small vial of the elixer. She took a larger amount, because she was certainly not going to be the smallest Mii anymore!

They all drank the liquid.

Nothing happened at first.

Then suddenly, they all began to grow!

Well, not White Mii. She had an allergic reaction and almost died. Let that be a lesson to you to test things you've never tried before. She recovered, but it was a struggle. She wrote a book about it. It did alright.

The others all grew! They grew so large, the Earth was dwarfed beneath their feet. Pink Mii, who had ingested more of the growth serum than anyone else — she grew at least twice as large as everyone else!

And that's where our story would end except that Pink Mii, being larger, was causing serious problems with the Earth and stuff and so she eventually left the planet behind and now wanders the galaxy looking for anyone who might be larger than her.

She can find no one. But this makes her very happy.

This is awesome. I have already posted three times in this community and I wont stop there. If Nintendo really intends to really focus on what people have to say within this community then I will make sure I put enough into it while it is still here.
Woo! I love it when nintendo listens to its fans!