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Nintendo Miis Invade New York City

By Kevin on Nov 19 2012 02:36 PM
As part of the celebration of the Wii U launch in New York City yesterday, life-size Nintendo Miis invaded the streets. Watch the short video below to see them in action as they meet, greet and spread Wii U awareness all around the Big Apple. I don't know about U, but I'd love to sport one of those Mii costumes!

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Very cute!!
I was so happy when I seen this video. There was/is a contest on Twitter for the Wii U from Nintendo. I think one price was a Mii hat. I think. I would so wear it! I want the one with glasses and a mustache.
why I don't live close to New York :-(
Why can't more states be that energetic!  That was awesome!