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Nintendo Network ID Format

By Kevin on Nov 07 2012 08:48 AM
The most recent Japanese Nintendo Direct, featuring Miiverse and Nintendo Network-related news, answered some questions that have been burning deep through our skulls. A good bit of footage was shown in regards to how the Nintendo Network accounts are setup, along with the information that they will contain.

Let's have a closer look at an image that was taken during the Nintendo Direct, showing what a profile looks like. By zooming in on the below image, we're able to clearly identify some valuable information not covered specifically during the presentation by Iwata-san. Although the ID shown doesn't display any numbers, we're certain that will be possible with Nintendo's new ID format.

Name: ウィル (Will)
ID: willwill
Country: 日本 (Japan)
Number of times people empathized with him: 0
Birthday: not publicly displayed
Game experience: advanced user

Number of comments: 9 (can be viewed)
Friends: - / 100 (can be viewed presumably)
Following: - / 1000 (can be viewed presumably)
Followers: - (can be viewed presumably)

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Source: NeoGAF

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So far I like what I see.
I can't wait to finally see the official formatting of the NNID. There's a new page I just went LIVE with at the top of the site. :nudge:
Once we figure out the formatting, I can enable the field for the member profiles.