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Nintendo Patent Shows Touchscreen Add-On for Wii Remote

By Alexis on Nov 09 2011 03:59 PM
We already know that Wii remotes will be compatible with the Wii U console, but Nintendo may introduce an add-on periscope-looking adapter that will enable the legacy remote to have additional "touch" capabilities.

Based on the diagrams listed in the patent, the add-on will wrap around the entire controller, allowing the user to place the Wii remote within the adapter's base and pull the strap through the back. The screen extends several inches from the front, taking control of the Wii remote's sensors. Inside the actual screen housing will be a mirror and an LED amplifier that allows the screen to communicate with the Wii remote's sensors.

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According to a Japanese patent, an infrared LED turns on when the player touches the screen. The beam is then amplified, bounced off a mirror, and interpreted by the controller's sensors as position data. The Wii remote then continues on with business as usual when the player does not touch the screen.

Now, we can safely say that there's no guarantee that this Wii remote add-on will ever reach the market. In fact, based on the patent diagrams, it looks to be far-fetched and most awkward looking. The two things that no one will want to entertain. Can you imagine the experience you'll get when playing Wii Sports, or another motion-intensive Wii game? Another thing...how easy will it be to remove this "thing" when playing a game that doesn't support it? Nintendo seemingly addresses these questions by proposing in its patent that the adapter will be geared towards in-game drawing or to add a mouse pointer interface to a game.

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The Wii U console is currently slated to arrive in North America sometime after March 2012.

I'm not too sure about the validity of this, but it seems like somewhat of a logical approach from Nintendo. This would extend the "controller" capabilities of Nintendo's next generation console; the Wii U. But the question is will this ever take off?

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It looks interesting enough but it seems to me that it would add a little more weight to the wiimote.I don't really know if Nintendo would wanna  do something like that.