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Nintendo Secures WaraWaraPlaza.com Domain Name

By Kevin on Nov 07 2012 11:55 AM
After previewing the new information for one of the Wii U's built-in features, WaraWara Plaza, we decided to do some domain name research. It turns out that the domain name warawaraplaza.com was registered by Nintendo of America, via Melbourne IT DBS, just moments before we performed our search query. In fact, the domain name already gets redirected to Nintendo's homepage. Melbourne IT DBS is the primary company that Nintendo of America utilizes for their domain management.

Is Nintendo planning on developing something online for the WaraWara Plaza, or did they just want to secure the domain name and officially register the WaraWara name? Can you imagine having the ability to mingle online with other friends? This sounds like the perfect opportunity to create an interactive online Mii-mingling metropolis!

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Source: GoDaddy Domain Name Search Tool

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