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Nintendo Shows Expected Improvements For Wii U April Update

By Kevin on Mar 26 2013 09:17 PM
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The April update for Wii U will dramatically enhance the speed of the Wii U Operating System

Nintendo of America have just released a video on their official YouTube channel showing one of the key benefits for the much-anticipated system update this coming April. Compared to the current system loading times, experienced with version 2.1.3 U, the April update promises significant Operating System performance enhancements. According to the video below, it's clear that consumers can expect to save about 18 seconds from the time it takes to exit out of a game and return back to the main menu.

Let's hope the loading time for launching games boasts an equally respective improvement.

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I remember them saying they would speed things up in two phases, in the April update and the Summer update. This video shows a huge difference coming in the April update, that's very impressive.

I wonder what else they have in-store for us!
This is good stuff. I also hope there is more than speed given to us in this coming update.
Still looks way to slow for my taste but soooooooooooo much better.
Does anyone think Nintendo should look into speeding up the 3DS like they are doing for Wii U?
The 3DS load times are just fine, in my opinion. At worst, you may end up staring at a black screen for nearly eight seconds once every 10 loadups (it's happened to me a few times, though not in succession,) but aside from that, software transitions are near instantaneous. It's much more urgent for the Wii U since you currently have to wait at least 12 seconds every time you load up or close an application or game.

View PostDinky, on 30 March 2013 - 08:44 PM, said:

Does anyone think Nintendo should look into speeding up the 3DS like they are doing for Wii U?

I'm perfectly content with the performance of the 3DS loading times. It's day and night compared to the Wii U and probably always will be. I believe the biggest reason for that is because the 3DS uses cartridges and not discs. It takes a lot less time for a system to access and read information from a cartridge, rather than a disc. I have no complaints when it comes to the performance of the 3DS.