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Pre-Order Mario Kart U From Best Buy Canada

By Kevin on Mar 21 2013 12:18 AM
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The very first sighting of Mario Kart U pre-orders have been spotted on Best Buy of Canada's website. Earlier today, it was reported by one of our members that the Best Buy North America website had the following Wii U games available for pre-order: Mario Kart U, Zelda U, and Mario 3D. Shortly after confirming, the listing for those games mysteriously disappeared. Fortunately, Best Buy Canada hasn't pulled their listing for Mario Kart U. Yet.

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The list price for pre-order is $59.99 and FREE shipping is available. A temporary generic placeholder image can be seen taking the place of the official box art to the left side of the screen. A placeholder date is set for December 31st, 2013. A product description at the bottom of the page (under the "details" tab) states the following:

"Mario Kart arrives on Wii U with the latest and greatest entry into the series so far: Mario Kart U. Explore a selection of tracks from around the Mushroom Kingdom and harness the next generation power of Nintendo Wii U to enjoy stunning HD graphics and unique play elements thanks to the Wii U GamePad Touchscreen."

Of course, all information listed on the Best Buy Canada's website for this product is not official. But, this is a good sign that we can see Mario Kart U released at some point during this holiday season. Can you imagine playing Mario Kart for Wii U in high-definition graphics? Let's see how long that listing lasts before going private.

Thanks to community eagle-eye Gary for the report!

Source: Best Buy Canada

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It may or may not be worth mentioning here, but EB Games Australia has a tendency to put up info for upcomig games and consoles almost instantly after they've been officially announced, regardless of when the expected release is. The new Smash Bros. as well as the GamePad have had a pre-order status for nearly a year now. This page shows Wii U games for pre-order that don't have a classification. Including: Yoshi spin-off/sequel of Kirby's Epic Yarn, Mario Kart, Super Mario and the two upcoming Legend of Zelda Wii U games. I'm guessing that there's a rule of some sort in the US (imposed by NoA or just in general, I have no idea) that prevents retailers from offering pre-orders too early.
Well I have no doubt this is coming this holiday season. I will certainly be asking for it this Christmas. :)

aquizero, on 21 March 2013 - 10:23 AM, said:

Well I have no doubt this is coming this holiday season. I will certainly be asking for it this Christmas. :)

Me too!
I like that box art, I hope they don't change it.