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Pre-Order Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Now Available

By Kevin on Dec 14 2012 07:57 PM
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You can now pre-order Capcom's upcoming Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (MH3U) for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U from Amazon. Each game qualifies for FREE shipping and is expected to be released in North America and Europe in March of 2013. The Wii U version of MH3U retails for $59.99 and the 3DS version retails for $39.99.

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was recently released for the Wii U in Japan on December 8th, 2012. It was also released for the 3DS in Japan on December 10th, 2011 and in the 3DS eShop on December 6th, 2012. Alternatively, you can pre-order from Capcom's online store.

Expansive Monster Hunter World - Equipment and weapon upgrades, challenging monsters and over 200 quests
Utilizes 3DS functionality – The touchscreen feature provides easy access to in-game books, weapons, field maps and mini games
High quality visuals on the 3DS – With the latest iteration of MT Framework®, the beautiful world of Monster Hunter is visually stunning
Don’t hunt on your lonesome – Connect with up to 3 friends in 4 player local play
Wii U connectivity – 3DS players can also link up with players on the Wii U via local connection
Take the experience where you go – Share save data between the Wii U home console and the Nintendo 3DS™
Meet your companions – Never feel alone in the vast world of Monster Hunter with the aid of your two companions, Cha-Cha and Kayamba, who will assist you on your quests
Exchange your info - Share your guild card with fellow hunters via Nintendo StreetPassâ„¢ function

Source: MH3U (Wii U) at Amazon, MH3U (3DS) at Amazon

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I can't wait for this to come out!.
Had such fun with MHT on Wii.
I am excited for this game. I don't know if this will be a game I buy but at least rent for Wii U. When I get one.
I'm curious to see how this game will work together with the two systems (3DS and Wii U). To me, I can't see purchasing a copy for each system. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this game, for both systems, only feature local co-op?
The Wii U version does support online play, but not the 3DS version. Though, I'm uncertain whether Capcom has taken the same route as it did with the Wii original and used its own custom online service rather, than connecting through Nintendo WFC or the Nintendo Network.

Me? I'll definitely be grabbing both versions in March.